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A Firm Foundation

First Baptist Church Stevenson is dedicated to serving individuals and their families.


The reason we excel at what we do?

  • Our congregation, made of authentic and imperfect believers, is active in our community; walking alongside friends and neighbors through the good and the bad. 

  • Our organizational structure empowers our members to discover their talents and to get involved. 


Church Teams 

Worship Team

Director: Steve Thomas


Comprised of the choir and audio-visual technicians, the Worship team strives to create a passionate, God-centered worship experience each Sunday morning. 

Choir practice is at 6:30PM each Wednesday evening in our sanctuary. 

Missions Team

Director: Wayne Peters

Walking the talk... it separates First Baptist Church Stevenson from others. 

The missions team executes engaging activities for our community. Vacation Bible School, Operation Christmas Child, Seniors on Mission, and monthly missions initiatives are the hallmarks of this team. 

Church Administration Team

Director: Ron Namanny 

A phenomenal administrative staff takes the "guess work" out of church operations.

Led by Shelia Thomas, the 

administrative team is responsible for assisting church staff and conducting all church business: From recording meeting notes to completing weekly finance reports. 

To become a volunteer for the administrative team, reach out to any member of staff. 

Discipleship Team

Director: Charlie Brown 

Small groups are one of the many ways in which First Baptist builds connections and transforms lives.

Beginning with age two and extending throughout the lifespan, our small groups engage in relevant, tailored study topics and discussions. 

Classes meet at 9:30AM each Sunday morning. 

Fellowship Team

Director: Katie Leroy


fel·low·ship (noun​) - friendly association, especially with people who share one's interests

We are stronger together! That's why First Baptist Church of Stevenson has a team dedicated to organizing events where church members gather and experience the warmth of a united family of believers. 

Interested in serving in the kitchen? Reach out to Katie to learn more!

Safety Team

Director: (Coming Soon!) 

Ministries Team

Director: Tim McCoy


Ministry is "attending to and caring for others." Put into practice, it is living out the message of Jesus through service. 


Whether it is through the Deacons Team, the Nursing Home Team, the Benevolence Committee, the Welcome Team, the Ordinance Team, the Offering Team,  or the Mens' and Women's Ministries, this overarching branch takes Jesus to the streets through engagement and service. 

Prayer Team

Director: Lee Massey 

Prayer is powerful: It is how we develop a personal relationship with God, hear His voice, and experience all that He has to offer.

(More information coming!)

The prayer team reviews prayer requests each Wednesday evening at 5:30PM. 

Properties Team

Director: (Coming Soon!) 

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